To CBD or not to CDB

The days of reefer madness are long gone with the marijuana gold rush sweeping the nation. The stigma of cannabis is lessening as they are finding medicinal benefits without the adverse side effects that most pharmaceutical medicines have. There are on the other hand, psychotropic side effects from the THC compound found in marijuana. That is where Cannabidiol or otherwise known as CBD comes in.


Text Neck

So, now comes the unwelcome news of the side effects of the world’s addiction to information. If left untreated, inflammation begins to work on the soft tissues of the neck like muscles, tendons, ligaments, and intervertebral discs.


Elderly Falls

Almost half of elderly people ages seventy or older will fall at least once in their lives.  This increases the chances of them dramatically causing damage to their bodies which then leads to weakness and fragility.


The Good and the Bad of Chiropractic Care

I am sure that some of you have had the good and the bad regarding Chiropractic care.  So, this leads me to explain why there may have been some alternative causes of your lower back pain.


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