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Where to Find a Chiropractor near Edgewater, FL

Are you trying to find a chiropractor near Edgewater, FL? Well, you’re in luck. That’s because the nearby Atlantic Wellness Center has been providing local patients with excellent chiropractic care for back pain treatment and physical therapy for many years.

Dr. Keith Engler received his doctor of chiropractic degree from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1990 and is the founder of Atlantic Wellness Center in New Smyrna Beach. He is also a consultant for the State of Florida, Department of Health and was voted one of “America’s Top Chiropractors” by the Consumer Research Council of America.

Chiropractic Care

Your autonomic nervous system is responsible for regulating most bodily functions. And with our high quality chiropractic care we have been able to help patients realign their neck and back and improve circulation which is important for maintaining healthy muscles, tissues and organ functions.

Back Pain Relief

Many people suffer on a daily basis with chronic back pain and seek non-invasive homeopathic treatment from a chiropractor in Edgewater, FL for relief. The back is comprised of bones, joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons. Any dislocation or misalignment could be the cause of your chronic back pain. Our spinal adjustments manipulate specific areas of the neck and spine to help reduce this pressure and alleviate nerve pain, neck pain, back pain and headaches associated with disc problems and other spinal issues without surgery or prescription medications.

Physical Therapy

For active individuals in Edgewater, FL who have suffered a sports or other type of injury and are experiencing shoulder pains, sprains, and whiplash can get back up and running again much sooner with a physical therapy program tailored to their physical conditions. Walking around with chronic pain from ACL, back pain, and plantar fasciitis, for example, can exacerbate symptoms and pain meds only mask the pain, they don’t eliminate the cause.  We use a variety of physical therapies including physiotherapy and electrical muscle stimulation to provide long-term relief that enables patients to return to their normal active lifestyle.

To schedule an appointment with a chiropractor near Edgewater, FL, contact us at 386-424-9977 today!

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