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Chiropractor in New Smyrna Beach, FL

When you need a chiropractor in New Smyrna Beach, contact the offices of Dr. Engel and Dr. Snow at Atlantic Wellness Center. For more than 25 years, we have been providing quality chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy, and back pain relief for patients throughout Volusia County, including Edgewater and Port Orange, FL.

Chiropractic Care

Many patients suffering from chronic back pain, headaches, and degenerative disc disease have found relief with chiropractic care. A non-invasive alternative to traditional medicine, a trained chiropractor, treats the underlying condition using small spinal adjustments. These manipulations improve cognitive and nerve function, which reduces pain without prescription medications or surgery.

Physical Therapy

If you have been injured and are having difficulty with your range of motion, physical therapy can help. Our trained physical therapist will assess your condition and customize a treatment plan just for you. Depending on your condition, treatment may include exercises and other physical therapies that will target your core to reduce pain and inflammation in your muscles and joints.

Massage Therapy

Many people understand that massage therapy can reduce stress and muscle tension. But did you know that it can also improve blood circulation, the immune system, and many other health conditions? With the appropriate message therapies, a trained therapist can help provide relief for back pain, arthritis, painful joints, and fibromyalgia, to name a few.

Back Pain Relief

Many patients have found that chiropractic care can relieve back pain. In a recent study of U.S. Military personnel published in the American Medical Association's JAMA Network Open journal, found that patients using chiropractic care along with traditional medicine had better relief for lower back pain than from conventional medical care alone. A chiropractor uses a variety of non-invasive therapies that have been proven safe and effective for the relief of back pain and other conditions. It's a non-invasive alternative than relying on non-prescription medication or prescription pain medicine that can be addicting.

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