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Massage Therapy Port Orange, FL

Atlantic Wellness helps patients reduce stress and anxiety with massage therapy in Port Orange, FL. Our clinic also provides chiropractic care, physical therapy, and a physician-monitored weight loss program. We serve patients in New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater, and surrounding communities throughout Volusia County.

Massage Therapy

While most individuals are familiar with the stress-reducing effects of massage therapy, many may not know that it can improve other health conditions, including arthritis, joint pain, and fibromyalgia. When properly administered by a trained massage therapist, it reduces nerve damage and the associated pain typically caused by muscle tension. Relaxing these muscles allows the nerves to heal, relieving the pain in the affected areas or joints, thus improving blood flow and circulation and immune system functions.

Chiropractic Care

Many patients seek help from an experienced chiropractor to relieve chronic pain without medications or surgery. Millions of individuals suffer from chronic back pain, headaches, and herniated and degenerative disc disease. Making small spinal adjustments to naturally re-align the spine has been shown to relieve pain while improving mobility and nerve function. It is a safe and effective treatment for children, adults, and seniors.

Physical Therapy

Patients who have lost some of their mobility due to disease, injury, or other condition, can regain mobility with physical therapy. Physical therapy encompasses various techniques such as manipulation, spinal decompression, assisted soft tissue mobilization, and other modalities that target the affected muscles and trains additional muscles to relieve pain, prevent further damage, and improve mobility.

Weight Loss Program

Many individuals try to lose weight but fail to maintain the desired weight loss. The fact is that dieting doesn’t work. To successfully lose weight, you must commit to making healthier lifestyle choices. Our physician-monitored weight loss program is customized for each patient's specific health needs and weight loss goals. The structured program helps patients achieve and maintain their goals through healthy lifestyle education. Patients receive weekly personalized coaching, education, and guidance.

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