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Physical Therapy for Back Pain in Edgewater, FL

Atlantic Wellness provides physical therapy for back pain relief for residents in the Edgewater, FL area. We understand that for many individuals living with moderate to severe chronic back pain it can be a debilitating experience. It can limit movement and prevent you from enjoying your favorite activities, driving a car and it may even limit the types of jobs you can perform. Fortunately, physical therapy can be an effective course of treatment in relieving chronic back pain for many patients when performed by trained physical therapists in a professional clinical environment. 

Back and Lower Back Pain Relief

Our physical therapists are professionally trained health care professionals who use non-invasive techniques such as exercises, electrical stimulation, and other therapies centered on promoting healing and restoring function and mobility to relieve pain in the neck, back, lower back and extremities. In some cases, the physical therapist may suggest lifestyle changes that will improve your overall health and mobility.

It is possible to live without pain. Atlantic Wellness has been providing physical therapy treatments for patients in Edgewater, Port Orange and nearby communities for more than two decades. Our founder, Dr. Keith Engler, is a Diplomat in the American Academy of Integrative Pain Management. And he was voted “One of America’s Top Chiropractors” by the Consumer Research Council. It’s an award that is given to the top 3% of chiropractors in the U.S.

Our physical therapy treatments have helped many patients in Edgewater, Port Orange and nearby cities enjoy an active lifestyle without back pain. Thus, giving them the freedom of mobility to enjoy life’s finer moments that many take for granted like holding their baby, picking up a package or sitting down for a family meal without constant lower back pain.

Take the first step in enjoying life without back pain. Contact us at 386-424-9977 to schedule an appointment for an initial physical therapy evaluation today!

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